Gerontocracy. Have we ever heard this term? If we search it in Echols-Hassan dictionary we will not find it, not because it doesn’t have any sense of English. It is an English word derived from the Greek.

Gerontocracy is derived from two words of Greek, gerontos means old man and cratein means to rule, lead (infinitive). So gerontocracy can be defined as leadership or rule focused on the old man. It actually has a bad sense because it avoid the rule of the young one at all. Why?  Because the young man is consider as the very idealism man that will force to make a change revolutionarily and lack of experiences.

What I want to share is that gerontocracy is faced as a realistic fact due to our culture. May be we have ever seen and heard a cigarette advertisement says “orang muda dipandang sebelah mata”. The advertisement seems to show that our culture avoid young man leadership. Try to open our remembrance, have we ever told to leave the living room because our parents talk to other guests? Have we ever been asked of our opinion about some decisions by our parents? Or how many times we ourselves think our younger brother or student worthlessly? In addition, we seldom hear a young unmarried man or woman speaks in a traditional celebration or party.

All the conditions insist that our culture is a system that promotes the gerontocracy. It results in bad effect. The young will not be able to learn about something. And automatically the young that will grow in mature act like the old one as well. So it becomes a circle that hardly can be overcome.

The key is now at the hand of both the young and old. The young leader should improve his experience and never give up to act as a leader. Every talents and abilities he has should be developed without any fear of failure. Then, every old leader should take this gerontocracy out of the system. They should promote the young to lead and in extent give the chance of the young to prove their leadership. But, it will not stop here. The old leader should guide the young leader in facing real experiences need to solve with his idealism. So it is the time of young to lead, but then the time of the old as well: in the framework of multiplication.


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