Soul Surfer (Movie)

If you are demotivated, “Soul Surfer” is the film to see. It is truly  inspiring. It is directed by Sean McNamara and  starred by Annasophia Robb who plays the leading role as Bethany Hamilton.  This film is taken from the real life of Bethany Hamilton, a well-known surfer. Since attacked by shark while surfing, Bethany lose her left hand. She becomes demotivated for the accident has badly affected her whole life. She keeps surfing but fails to finish the national surfing championship in Hawaii. After her visit to Phuket Thailand on social trip for the victims of tsunami, she gets her soul back to surf. Then through her family support, she practises more in surfing with her sole arm. Even it is hard to get usual, but she tries her best. Then she decides to follow the national NSSA Surfing Championship again and succeed in making the best surfing eventhough she only gain the fifth position. Interestingly she says “i don’t come to win, but to surf. I wouldn’t change what happened to me because i wouldn’t have the chance to embrace more people than I ever could do with one arm.” The expertise of director and the high technology are astonishing because the film shows the lost hand of Bethany to be natural. The music sheds us in a deeply touched heart. It is a film full of motivation since it teaches us that life is like surfing, that we may be trapped in the impact zone, but we must get up. Because we never know what will happen next. It inspires us that if we have faith, everything is possible. It is good to see mainly for the youth. Don’t miss out on seeing it.


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