‘We Choose to Behave’ Towards Children: A Perspective of Bandura

Albert Bandura is a psychologist who builds the theory of ‘social learning’ becomes massive in psychology. The theory of social learning was firstly raised by Dollard and Miller (1950), but then was largely known by the work of Bandura. This theory insists that the main influence towards the behavior is the result of copying behavior models.

Children tend to copy adults’ behavior. This idea implies important things, mainly the discussion about violence in medias. When kid watches aggressive model, his aggressive phase will then increase. This copying will be ran mostly unintentionally within kids. The copying itself by Bandura is termed by the word reinforcement. This reinforcement is the effect results in that process of copying. When kid has been influenced to copy, he is said to be reinforce. This reinforcement is an important thing in social learning. Moreover, Bandura goes on to state that vicarious reinforcement exists, in the sense of the reinforcement can be replaced. It means that kid can learn from the reinforced man. He states that to learn in such way, kid should process the information about consequences of adult’s behavior and conclude his decision to copy or not logically. We ourselves have a standard for our own against our environment. He explains, though we are influenced by television, we are to decide the program we desire to watch, then we are ourselves who form our behavior, not television.

In the case of kid, we may look at how his social influences take over him greatly. The television, bad attitude of adults, violence, human’s life style are things among the influences and in the sense of Bandura they are the reinforcement. But then, kid has no capability or even less capability to organize the information himself. So, if we don’t want a kid to copy the bad behavior, we should choose to give them which model they have to copy. It means that directly or not we ourselves should be the first model given to the kid. As adult that has a logical thinking and capability to decide, we are the first line who should choose to behave, so that it will be an example or model for the kid to copy. Then the second action is that we will give them other examples for new models. It means that we help kids to think, then let them copy.


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